Pet Vaccinations

At Town Center Animal Hospital, we take great pride in providing each of our patients with exceptional individualized care. We emphasize the value of preventative treatment, which includes vaccinations for cats and dogs, because of this.

Pet Vaccinations in Las Vegas, NV

We understand how important your pet is to your family, which is why we work so hard to offer the best services possible to keep your pet healthy.
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Pet Vaccinations

All residents living within the city of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson are legally required to license their pets. People residing in the unincorporated area of Clark County are no longer needed to have a pet license. To obtain a permit for your pet, you must have a current Rabies certificate. Other vaccines are strongly recommended for the protection and health of your pet and other animals they may come in contact with, i.e. grooming and boarding facilities, dog parks, etc. Puppies and kittens receive essential nutrients and antibodies from their mother’s milk while they are nursing. However, once they are weaned, this passive form of protection is lost. It is at this point in their life that a vaccination program should be started.

Vaccines offer protection against major viral and bacterial diseases that cats and dogs may be exposed to. Pets are susceptible to illness at any age, and it’s essential to have your kitten or puppy vaccinated for maximum protection. Your veterinarian will set up a vaccination program for your pet to provide protection for the diseases of concern in your area. Kittens and puppies often require an initial vaccination with follow-up booster shots to ensure they are well-protected against diseases. At Town Center Animal Hospital, vaccines are designed to provide disease protection for a limited time, usually one year. So it’s essential to take your pet for an exam every year with your veterinarian, which will likely include their annual vaccinations. Vaccinations in young animals are a necessary building block in the foundation of your pet’s immune system. Following a proper vaccination schedule will help ensure you do your part to keep your new friend healthy. Additionally, we recommend that all dogs and cats be placed on a monthly parasite preventative and be tested bi-annually for parasites.

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