Pet Laparoscopic Spay

At Town Center Animal Hospital, we offer laparoscopic spay to ensure that your pet has less trauma, heals faster, and has less post-operative pain.

Pet Laparoscopic Spay in Las Vegas, NV

Laparoscopic spays have been shown to cause 65% less pain than traditional spays. This means a faster recovery and less trauma to the patient.
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Pet Laparoscopic Spay

Effective April 1, 2010, a new ordinance states that dogs and cats in Las Vegas must be spayed by 4 months of age. All dogs and cats over the age of 4 months must be spayed unless the owner qualifies for one of the following exemptions:

  • Holds a valid dog fancier, cat fancier permit, breeder permit, or professional animal handler permit.
  • The dog is used by a law enforcement agency as a law enforcement dog.
  • The dog is used by a search and rescue agency for search and rescue activities.
  • The dog is a service animal such as a guide animal, hearing animal, assistance animal, seizure alert animal, or social/therapy animal.
  • The dog is being used by a pound, shelter, humane society, or similar organization, whether public or private, the principal purpose of which is securing the adoption of dogs or cats, provided that such organization has a policy and rules requiring the spaying of all dogs and cats placed for adoption.
  • All puppies or kittens born to dogs and cats that have not been spayed as required will be forfeited and may be given to the local shelter for adoption.

The new ordinance also states:

  • Impounded dogs or cats that are intact but whose owners do not qualify for one of the above exemptions must be sterilized before release
  • Provides that impounded animals be kept for only 72 hours
  • Requires that impounded animals be microchipped and that the owner pay for the microchipping before release
  • The ordinance does not require the microchip to be enrolled with a national registry. The implantation of the chip does not help recover the animal; only enrollment with a national registry will provide the owner’s contact information
  • Pet Stores are required to provide the following information to the
    Department of Detention and Enforcement:
  • The name and residence address of the buyer
  • The address of the location where the dog or cat will reside, if not the same as the buyer’s address
  • The breed and approximate age
  • A description, including principal colors
  • Failure to provide this information shall be grounds for non-renewal of, or disciplinary action against, a business license

Fines for violation:
$250 for a first offense
$500 for a second offense
$1000 for a third offense

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