Meet Lexi – She is a 3 year old Chihuahua mix. Her owner noticed Lexy not wanting to chew her hard kibble over the last month. She would also chatter her teeth at night. After further exploration while under anesthesia for a dental it was determined that she had fractured both of her upper premolar 4 teeth. X-rays showed that bacteria was actually causing an abscess around the root. This tooth is a dog’s strongest tooth. And the one they like to use to chew on hard bones. Both upper premolars were extracted which will not cause any lifelong complications. Her owner reports that she is eating hard kibble 1 month after the extractions and no more chattering.

Here is Boston- He is an 11 year old Pit Bull mix that has a passion for chewing on hard things. He has tremendous jaw strength and fractured his canine teeth. X-rays confirmed root instability of his upper right canine tooth. It was extracted using a flap technique. Boston was kept on a soft food diet for several weeks so the site could heal and his owner will resist giving him hard chew toys from this point going forward.

This is Sally- She is a 6 year old Dachshund. This breed did not get blessed when it comes to dental health. By far and large the Dachshund and Yorkie are breeds that tend to have lifelong dental problems. This image shows how the gum will actually pull away from the tooth and expose the root when there is a large amount of tartar present. At this point the tooth cannot be saved. The extraction was routine and Sally will not have any problems going forward with that tooth.