Canine Flu

Since the recent multiple specials about canine influenza in the news, we’ve gotten many calls asking us about the canine influenza vaccine. The news specials discuss outbreaks in California and Arizona which we can confirm to be true. Although we have no known diagnosed cases of the more virulent H3N2 strain in Nevada, we want to make all pet owners aware that we suspect the more virulent strain of the canine influenza virus to be here soon.

We at Town Center Animal Hospital have required the single strain H3N8 vaccine for years, and have recently started informing our owners to switch over to the combination vaccine which contains both the H3N8 strain and the more virulent and harmful H3N2 strain. We recommend visiting our website for further information. If you are unsure of which strain your pet is currently protected for or would like to get your fur baby protected please call today!

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